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S&S Constructions - FAQ

What drives apartment cost up or down when the projects are within 5 KM distance?
  • The cost per SFT is majorly influenced by the land cost as the construction cost more or less stable across the locations. Cost per SFT = Cost per SFT Land allotted + Construction Cost per SFT.

Why GO 86 apartments are costly?
  • No, GO 86 apartments tend to give you more land share per apartment unit.

*All extras chargeable. What are extras?
  • Extras are typically charged to customer for all HUDA Permits, City development charges if applicable, Water board permits, Municipal permits, Electricity Board Permits and your Parking space.

What is common area?
  • Common areas are your walk ways, stair case, corridors and the landscaped land.

How do you compute fixed price for independent houses?
  • We compute fixed price for independent houses with Pre-contract meeting to evaluate scope of job, preliminary design work, design ideas, process and timeline.

Can I have my own architect & interior designer?
  • Yes, if you donít have one then we can recommend our approved architects & interior designers.

Do you allow customization of flat?
  • No for exterior's (Painting, windows doors etc). Yes for internal walls, kitchen models, inside bathroom etc.

Who will maintain property after completion?
  • We will maintain property unit all units are sold out and then handed over to the association to be formed amongst the buyers to maintain all of the common services including electrical, sanitary, security and communications.

How can I find the vendors to fix plumbing or electric or civil works?
  • We will hand over the vendors list who has worked on the building they could be contacted or you have an option to choose from other sources.

S&S Constructions

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